Introducing Setra AIIR Watch

Setra AIIR Watch is an advanced air cleaner designed to be quiet, portable, and effective at neutralizing 99.99% of airborne germs. AIIR Watch has a dual filtration method forcing air through a HEPA filter and by UV light. AIIR Watch is available as an air purifier re-circulator or as a negative pressure generating machine for isolation room applications.

Setra AIIR Watch Negative Pressure Air Quality Module

A fast, cost-effective solution for creation and monitoring of negative pressure isolation spaces. The Setra AIIR Watch can be easily installed and set up without the need for lengthy, intensive HVAC system construction projects. 

Setra AIIR Watch Air Purifier Model

The AIIR Watch Air Purifier (Re-circulator) model is ideal for situations where negative pressure isn't needed. Each unit comes standard with HEPA + UVC filtration for the safest air. This unit is portable, quiet, and sleek!

Schools, Dental Offices, Long-Term Care, Medical Office Buildings, Salons... and more

The opportunities to create safer spaces are endless with the portable, quiet, and compact Setra AIIR Watch. Available as both a negative pressure generating machine (with HEPA + UVC) or as a quiet and effective air purifier (with HEPA + UVC). All models come standard with filter indication.